Session XVI – Zombicide


The team this week was from Ayr. It included: Spoonly Dimfinkle and Lady Krelletta (played by Steve), Bonesaw (Eoin), Ou’Long and Salazar Ashbringer (Jack) and Skipp’e (James).

The session began with the introduction of Skipp’e, a small mousefolk with a big heart, recieving a badge with the words “I am a respectable citizen and I have value” from the recently created Transhuman Bureau. Emboldened with purpose and official papers, he made his way to the famous equal opportunities employer Jarvik and his tavern/adventurer’s guild. Along the way Skipp’e met Ou’Long, a strangely feline individual who wouldn’t stop referring to them as “little treat”. Bonesaw appeared and diffused tension as well as deciding that he would also give Skipp’e a nickname – “Pancake”.

At Jarvik’s tavern however, all was not well as Spoonly Dimfinkle’s ego quickly got out of hand and he began to insult everyone he came across, demanding their adoration. Bonesaw, seeing this, maliciously knocked the nose off the new statue of the rogue and things became heated. Spoonly immediately challenged the offender to a duel.

You don’t mess with the Bonesaw. Spoonly’s perfectly dissected halves fell to the floor with a spludge. Due to the fact that it was self defense, and Bonesaw is terrifying, the local militia decided not to press charges and quickly cleaned up the corpse.

Ou’Long and Skipp’e decided that Bonesaw, with his insane strength, might be a good travelling companion and the three of them headed out towards the Stack, a set of ruins Bonesaw had traversed once before. Along the way they met Lady Krelletta, a ghostly necromancer, also on the transhuman bureau’s register, who agreed to join them.

The descent into the stack was largely uneventful and they soon found themselves at the altar at the bottom, its three sections empty. Bonesaw placed his section within it and it began to glow. He quickly then picked it back up – leaving it within sight of thieves would not be a good plan. There was a light glowing down the path that he had taken last time, but Bonesaw steered the team down the next corridor. This one was stacked on all sides with coffins and the party soon disturbed the waking dead.

Eight corpses attacked, their mighty blows rendering Ou’Long unconscious and almost killing Skipp’e. Sadly Ou’Long could not hold onto his mortal being and died from his wounds but the team were able to defeat the remaining shamblers and took some time to recover. From down the other corridor with the light came Salazar Ashbringer, who was exploring the ruins and decided to check out what the commotion was. After conversing with the team they decided it was safest to reduce Ou’Long’s body to ashes and cremated him.

After resting, the team somewhat hesitantly continued, spurred on by bonesaw, into a burial chamber. Moving the casket lid revealed another body, corrupted with dark magics, that rose and struck at them. Eventually they were able to defeat it and upon closer inspection, it also had an amulet. Bonesaw decided to keep it with the other one for safekeeping and the party returned back to the town.



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