The Jian Landmass

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The Jian Landmass is the largest of all the known continents on the world. For the last millennia it has been the centre of learning and innovation of the world. Seventy two years ago, however, this all changed for two reasons. Firstly the constant conflicts in the Northern Lands drove technologies and unlike the south the North was loath to share their knowledge with others lest their enemies learn of them. Secondly – and most importantly – this was when the Golden Dragon died. Dragons and Dragonkin are venerated in the south and this great creature was the lawgiver and ultimate power in the land. Through its divine power the Jiangmen Empire was created and its people flourished – and its death at the hands of an unidentified foreigner threw the country into complete chaos as warring generals and nobles began their fight over the state.

First and Chief amongst these factions is that of the self proclaimed Emperor Hazkh. His large privately funded army currently holds tenuous control over the capital city of Kan’ta but is beginning to struggle. This is partly due to lack of food supplies (most of the countryside is controlled by other factions) but also now the Emperor’s coffers are running dry and his mercenaries are getting uneasy. To complicate matters, a plague has arrived within the walls and there are talks of ratmen who stalk the streets at night, killing those who end up in their way.

Watching and waiting for the Emperor’s mercenaries to leave is the tactician Na’Chai, previously Chief of Staff for the Dragon. On the creature’s death he was one of the first to act, seizing the most fertile land – the Provinces of Song and the hearts of the people that worked it, placing himself within striking distance of the whole empire. However although this confirms his supply lines, it puts a huge red target on the General’s back, and he has a number of different borders with the other factions to protect – an objective he is struggling with.

Unlike most of the other factions there are those who wish to secede entirely from the nation. To the North the Mar’Sara Conglomerate led by Chairman Yin wishes to form a utopia based on communist ideals. However the cracks within this continually appear – not in the least pushed by the increasing powers Yi grabs for him and his family and it is likely that this fledgeling nation will collapse into nothing without external intervention.

Similarly, the Warrior Monks of Deku simply wish to leave the Empire. They are the most recent addition and their philosophy and the traditions of Jiangmen have often clashed. Their hope is that the other nations will continue to fight until they cannot any more and have given aid to most of the other factions, continually pitting them against one another.

The Nomads of Myushu had an agreement with the Dragon. For their vows of fealty, it would continue to let them continue their way of life in peace. With the Dragon dead, this agreement is no longer valid; a stance taken by all the claimants to the throne. The great Khan Te’Mae comes with her Wolfriders to claim the throne for herself and secure her people’s way of life once and for all with fire and sword.

The final faction within the Empire, the people of Phangsit led by King Ramun, was almost immediately attacked by the Song faction. Little did they know that the jungles of the region were almost as deadly as their fighters and despite repeated assaults, little ground has been made against guerilla fighters and poisonous flora and fauna.

Lastly, there is one nation outside the Empire just off the coast of the Jian Landmass. The Inazami under their own Black Dragon, lie in wait. Once the flames of war have died off and the resources of the Empire are drained they will strike and claim the continent for themselves…

Home      World of the West Marches


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