The Emirates of the Sands

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This region is less concrete than the other two. Great deserts span the central continent, and are amongst the harshest environments on the globe. Whilst the Ebyssus Sultanate has settled in the north, the other nomadic tribes continue to travel, transporting the spice, narcotics and slaves that the region is famous for to other nations.

The region’s title is somewhat of a misnomer as none of the Emirates it was named for still exist – most no longer exist; destroyed by changes in weather conditions causing droughts and starvation. Occasionally an Emir and their people will attempt to settle permanently and form a hub of trade, but few have been successful at all, and most end up as merely one fortified coastal city or if less fortunate, just bones and sand. Ruins can often be found from ancient civilisations from before changes in climate made the land less hospitable.

War is not often present in this land due to lack of national identity, however bandits roam in great bands across the sands and are often responsible for the pillaging of trade caravans.

Fortress cities include: Grand Utara, the Blue Sapphire of Ouse, The Patriarchate of Mbundi and the Mud City of Loup.

Home      World of the West Marches


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