Quest Board


Within Jarvik’s Tavern there is a wall upon which are pinned notices directing adventurers to contracts. In addition to this, there are quests set by the town council with the aim of improving the settlement and increasing its size, wealth and prestige. A third source for quests is the Black Market, which (when they are available) a quest can be purchased from.

General Quests

  • Sister Crysta – Paladin of Elrodel, Goddess of Protection – seeks the return of Kasdall Hold adventurers to help them rid the evil that has occupied the Darqvist estate.
    • Reward – Sister Crysta will move to Kasdall where she will be available should someone wish to set up a Chapter-house where PCs can dual class into paladin. 500gp. Darqvist estate will be cleared, the rebuilding process can begin, and trade routes/fast travel can be put in place.
  • A messenger from Blyss Hill (in Roathus Fen) ran into town this morning, gurgling blood. On closer inspection when we ran to meet him he had a large bite out of his torso and our medics were unable to help him. He held a parchment which read “Roathus comes for us because of you, help us again as you once did before and the rewards will be great”.
  • Another group of “Ashen ones” has been spotted out to the south-west in Daggermoor. They appear to be carrying a casket of some sorts.

Town Improvement Quests

  • The road leading into town from Voltasia is not currently patrolled by troops. Kasdall Hold has barely enough militia to defend its walls, let alone a dedicated guard for the roads.
    • While the road is not secure, the number of migrants willing to make the journey will be lower and generally consist of more desperate individuals.
    • There are some landowners in the Strands (along the coast in the south) who may be willing to help out staffing troops, although none have approached them about this yet.
    • Alternatively if enough money was put into the system, and there were more people living in town, recruitment could be increased.
  • There is a silver mine to the North which is currently abandoned.
    • Clearing it out and re-establishing it may bring workers to the area.
  • Buildings can, as always, be purchased with gold
    • some may need PCs to find individuals whose expertise will improve them further
    • this may increase the town’s prestige and bringing more people to it as well as making more money and allowing access to further abilities and items.

The Black Market

  • One Artifact Identified – 20GP to buy location



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