The Boneyard


Welcome to the Boneyard where the names and deeds of the dead rest. Information about the state of their bodies may also be here…

Woe Betide the Adventurer whose remains are left in the wilds.


Experience 420#Blazeit – Level 2 Elf Druid – Body not recovered (host to Mushroom king)  Died session XIV

inahimeInahime – (Lvl 2 Half-Elf Ranger) – Heart ripped out by a cursed wanderer. Body not recovered. Died Session XIV


Kanetsugu Hattori – (Lvl 1 Human Fighter) – Body recovered, killed by “the Beast”. Died Session II

rickassRickass T’Ley – (Lvl 2 Half-Orc Bard) – Eaten by a crystalloid Dragon. Not recovered but unlikely to return. Died Session III



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