Session XIV – Experience, King of Myconos


This session was brought to you by the Ayr Team: Spoonly Dimfinkle (Steve), Inahime (Jack) and Experience (420#blazeit) (James).

The session began right at the fall of the last leaves and new travellers had come to Kasdall Hold.

Inahime, Inazami diplomat from the far east, was the first to arrive. Framed by border guards who confiscated her documents, she was forced to seek refuge in the West Marches, washing dishes for Jarvik in the tavern in order to get by. The second traveller, an elven druid named Experience (420#blazeit. Goddamn it James – ed.) was toked up on some herbs he’d found and had depleted the tavern’s stores of pork scratchings much to Jarvik’s despair. The final adventurer stormed through the doors, demanding a pint of hte landlord’s finest beers. As he stepped across the threshold it became apparent that this individual was a gnome in garish garb. He proclaimed his name was Spoonly Dimfinkle, 4th heir to the barony of Little Myhump and that he required adventurers for an expedition. Inahime quickly volunteered and Jarvik quickly volunteered Experience.

The team headed out into the wilderness, following the run of the river northwest into the Farthenwald. Camping on the edge of the woods, Experience and Spoonly immediately went to sleep, leaving Inahime with all the watches. This didn’t help her concentration and around second watch she failed to notice a veritable horde of nibblehoots appearing around the camp, including two massive grand hoots. All in all there must have been fifty of them and their collective HOOT roused the team from their slumber.

Inahime tried to escape but realised no-one was following her so returned to the camp. The team decided the nibblehoots weren’t really a threat and went back to sleep. In the night, Spoonly and Experience decided to keep going and ended up by a bridge deeper into the forest, talking to more nibblehoots. Experience asked one what “Hoot” meant, and was told “HOOT”. Inahime quickly caught up with the group and slapped Spoonly for leaving her there, knocking him backwards into the river, which quickly tugged him away. Luckily Experience could manipulate water and quickly brought him back to the bank.

The team, in a huff with one another, left the bridge and followed the river trying to find Ser Richard Tibbins, a merchant who other teams had met in the past and had pointed out where the portal was. Along the way they found a campsite with two dead creatures of dark magic and a dead half elf, picked clean by the carrion. Rummaging in the undergrowth Experience found a woodskeeper, the figures of leaves, and it dispersed, leaving its cloak and lantern behind. Which Experience immediately donned. And turned into a tree person.

Up ahead they heard the shouts of Richard Tibbins and met up with him. He explained the situation with the huge eldritch abomination inhabiting the rip created by the destruction of the previous portal and suggested the group skirt around it. They semi-reluctantly agreed and further on they found a ring of red mushrooms, in the middle of which was a portal which appeared to be the source of a strange hazy mist that enveloped the glade.

They stepped through into another world, seemingly painted by an impressionist, full of glowing green clouds and red mushrooms, aligned in a road through a deep dark forest. At the end of the road was a keep made from ruined stone, covered in lichen. As they watched, the lichen broke away from the wall to reveal a fungal anthropoid creature which greeted them. It said that the king was everyone’s friend but the king was dead and asked if they had come to bring a new king for them, which Experience immediately decided was him.

Inahime took an immediate dislike to this creature and attacked it. The others didn’t feel like conflict and entered the keep, climbing some stairs to a large throne room. At the end was a throne made of rotten wood with a crown of thorns on the table next to it. Experience strolled forward and donned the crown sitting down. Spoonly watched in horror as fungal hyphae grew from the crown into the unfortunate tree-elf’s brain, killing him and claiming him as its host. Spoonly immediately prostrated himself before the monarch. The mushroom king explained that these pocket realms were akin to prisons set by the mysterious Goddess Somnos and now he had returned they would be able to break free. Spoonly nodded and fawned and to save his skin he said that he would be its herald in the real world. It let him go, he ran back to Inahime, and the two escaped back through the portal with Tibbins. Knowing what they now knew they destroyed the portal by burning the mushroom circle.

This might not have been such a good idea as the second the portal disappeared, a rip appeared and through it came the eye of another gigantic abomination. The party ran off as an elf, one of the portal guardians, looked on in despair and was grabbed by Inahime in order to not be destroyed by the eldritch horror.

A short distance away they put down the elf and discussed what had just happened. The Portal Elf, though, having failed to fulfil his vow to protect the portals, began to lose body parts – firstly his eyes fell out, then he began to bleed from his eye sockets, then his mouth and ears likewise began to bleed and his form took on a hideous twisting of shape. He attacked the group and despite Inahime’s valiant fight, tore her apart. Spoonly, sensing that he too might be in deep trouble, threw the unfortunate merchant Tibbins at it to buy him time. Tibbins was mauled but Spoonly survived and killed the beast.

The sole survivor of this slaughter, Spoonly Dimfinkle, 4th heir to the barony of Little Myhump, returned to town, singing his own praises and telling a very much elaborated upon story of events…



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