The Regions of the West Marches


The World of the West Marches is a varied and unusual place. Great forests span basins surrounded by tall haunting mountain peaks. Marshy fens bog down those unlucky enough to walk into their midsts. Unnatural rocks jaggedly line craters humming with eldritch energy. None know it in entirety, but here are some of the regions that have been explored thus far.

The Daggermoor: A moorland complete with valley. There are large obsidianesque pillars that jut out of the landscape like monoliths and at the end are Ruins made of material not dissimilar to bismuth. The area is in general unexplored, as are its borders, other than the north-east where lies the Mercer Plains.

Eldrehgon Downs: Looming over the mercer plains are chalk hills which contain a number of ruins including those of the city of Eldrehgon, which appears to be made of bone and guarded by a winged creature and the Stack, a chimney like ruins leading down deep into the earth…

The Farthenwald: The looming forest to the north of the Mercer plains and the west of the Eldrehgon downs, the Farthenwald is home to the Nibblehoots, owls with teeth which come in various sizes and say HOOT, and the watchmen, who carry lanterns and cloaks which turn those who wear them into tree-men. Within the forest have been found two Portals, both of which have now been destroyed. If they are approached at night, however, foul entities from other realms occupy their space. Beware the portals protectors once their charge has been destroyed for the oathbroken are as dangerous as they are damned.

The Mercer Plains: The final destination of the great western road leading out to the west marches from Bastionberg, great border fortress-city of the Empire. The plains are bordered by Roathus fen to the south, the Udrin Mountains to the north, the Farthenwood to the north and west and Daggermoor to the south-west. The plains have been tamed more in recent years, especially with the rapid development of its most prominent settlement Kasdall Hold, but bandits and the feared “Fat Ponies” are still known to attack unwary travellers.

Roathus Fen: The domain of the Marches God of thirst and plenty. It borders the Mercer plains to the north and west but the areas to the south and east have yet to be explored. Noteable landmarks include the garden of the witch Hextia, the wompire and ghoul infested Isle of Wights and the Village of Dorrine. In recent months these marshes have become considerably more dangerous, with the full wrath of Roathus thrown against both travellers and locals alike. It is likely that the destruction of his Godstone was the trigger for this event but the perpetrators remain incognito for now. Perhaps Hextia, witch of the fens, may know more…

The Udrin Mountains: The Udrin Valley winds its way northwest past the northern border of the Farthenwald. At the far west is the land (previously) owned by a family of dragonborns – The Darqvist Estate. There is also the village of Udrin, which is currently host to the awful Smiler plague and Ackton, whose inhabitants are a little… wierd. The borders of Udrin have not really been explored so far.



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