The People of Kasdall Hold


Buxom Greatcraic – Girth’s mother and real owner of the Greatcraic brewery. Is talked of often but is never seen. Has something of a reputation. Possibly ex-gnome mafia.

Darude San’Strom – Elven stoner, local apothecary and Radical Larry’s Sole fan outside the party.

Gerry – Local farmer and occasional prophet of doom. Voices sometimes speak through him which may or may not be accurate in their statements. Generally ignored by everyone.

Grandma Hookway – The Traveller “queen”. Runs the caravan travel network. Holds a jangly stick.

Grimmick – Bard of little to no reknown. Half-elf. When low on oxygen sounds like Mickey Mouse. Obsessed with writing an epic around the life and times of Tang Kard. Appears at the worst times.

Jarvik – A very skinny tiefling and owner of the tavern in town. He is generally friendly but his mood improves further when his wife comes back to the town. Stay at home dad and controller of the adventurer’s guild which seems to be forming in the town.

Littleroot – The young oak sapling Bonesaw planted in the town square during the rebuild after the bandit attack. They have silver bark and red leaves and according to Fox talking to Littleroot is similar to talking to a human child of three to five years old.

Rusil the Bull – Tiefling smith. Built like a brick shithouse. Kinda thick, but knows his craft. Can shoe a horse from forty paces.

Samring – Jarvik’s daughter. A playful young tiefling of 7.

Tasha – Jarvik’s wife. Famous adventurer of some renown and known for her creation of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. Visits when she can, but this isn’t often.

Mr Teller – Very boring bank clerk. Dwarf.

Tym the Enchanteress – Local elven enchanter. Deals primarily in runes. Somewhat experimental in her work. Has a kickass laboratory.

Vigilance – Black dragonborn and captain of the town militia. Likes Tang despite being knocked out by him.



There is also an Elven couple and their three children and an elderly elven couple. (can’t remember the names, will fix at a later date)

Sister Crysta is still in The Darkvist Estate.



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