The Gods of the West Marches


Player and Encountered Deities:

Elrodel – The Watchful Guard: Goddess of Protection and patron of the Darkvist estate. The only thing stopping the village being overrun by the evil around it. Her symbol is a wall. Noteable followers: Sister Crysta

Morrigan – The Raven’s Fury: Goddess of War and matron of women’s sufferage. She protects her followers and empowers them to wreak vengeance on their tresspassers. Her symbol is a Raven over two crossed spears. Noteable followers: Aife

Raluf – The Happy Cloud: God of the many forms of love including narcissism. Relies on his own belief in himself for his power. Some say he was originally a gnomish bard who ascended to godhood upon defeating a great evil. Has sired a number of progeny, all of whom have been useless. Noteable followers: Spoonly Dimfinkle

Somnos – The Dreaming Dead: Goddess of sleep and Lady of the Somnosian realms that the portals dotted about the region lead to. Aeons ago when she was awake she used these realms as prisons for her enemies and the enemies of her people. Noteable followers: Currently none

Talos – The Wrathful Storm: God of Storms and Destruction. He demands obedience and unleashes storms upon those who disobey him. His symbol is the hammer. Noteable followers: Bremen


The Marches Pantheon:


Acobi – The Chastened Maid: Goddess of Oath and Abandon – “No one bound the Chastened Maid save for Herself. Her shackles are Her own Design.”

Garmuth – The Crippled Duke: God of Purpose and Folly – “Despite His lack of senses, the Crippled Duke gives council to the humble and the wise.”

Hense – The Veiled Widow: Goddess of Pain and Pleasure – “They say the Veiled Widow is smiling beneath Her robes, Her body all scratches and scars.”

Jevel – The Tower Keeper: God of Health and Atrophy – “Half the Tower Keeper’s face is that of a youth in His prime, and the other, an old man.”

Lemaign – The Mason King: God of Hope and Despair – “Before each battle, soldiers prayed that the Mason King grant them high morale.”

Micia – The Lorn Mother: Goddess of Loss and Longing – “The Lorn Mother gave away Her heart, and bears the Star of Voltasia in its stead.”

Olak – The Carefree Son: God of Chance and Whim – “Alive forever in a single moment, the Carefree Son plays beyond the reach of time.”

Pyth – The Wakeful Bull: God of Commotion and Order – “The Wakeful Bull, patient yet temperamental, adorns the City’s walls with His likeness.”

Roathus – The Gorging Host: God of Thirst and Plenty – Currently hell bent on destroying those who defiled his Godstone in the Fens – “The Gorging Host grows ever larger yet remains insatiable, His eyes awash in tears.”

Yudrig – The Morning Stallion: God of Impulse and Bravery – “The Morning Stallion affects the wishes of all people upon the break of each new day.”



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