Session XII – The Darkvist Estate


Edinburgh team. The party this time was Silver Fox (Lucy), Girth Greatcraic (Archie), Tang Kard (Steve) and “Loony” (Sam).

The session began with Kasdall Hold’s first official Orktoberfest! feast (which Jarvik had arranged on the 8th Orktober because the town did not have enough celebrations). Jarvik was very lively and happy – probably to do with his wife coming home for a time – and a newcomer to town – Lament of the Waning Moon (Loony) took advantage of this to get a free beer.

Meanwhile the other members of the team were enjoying the festivities – Girth was expecting greater sales than ever, Tang was fighting (and knocked out the captain of the guard, the black dragonborn rescued from bandits in a previous session) and Silver Fox was getting used to his newly acquired tree form by talking to Littleroot, a tree that had been planted by Bonesaw when the town was initially rebuilt.

At another table sat Sergei, a very apprehensive dragonborn with a fu manchu moustache and a difficult to pin down accent. The team took up his offer of payment for escort to his family home and Girth returned his heirloom for a sum of 500gp (which resides in the bank). They grabbed the newcomer Loony and set off for adventure!

Mostly the road was uneventful except for a number of reptilian chickens which the party generally just scared off (except one which became Loony’s lunchtime snack). Tang revealed he had been in the circus for some time but was evasive over his reasons for leaving. Soon after it became clear why when Tang rolled a crit and an overenthusiastic half-elf bard known as Grimmick appeared from behind a bush, eager to sing Tang’s praises and document his achievements in song. Tang distracted him by asking him to leave and sharpen his axe and then the party skedaddled away.

There was also a short night-time ambush by some rats with strange markings on their backs, but these were easily repelled.

The party eventually reached the ring woods surrounding Sergei’s lands – the Darkvist Estate – and here Fox saw an unusually ill-looking pig out of the corner of his eye. He set off in pursuit and the others followed. It quickly became clear that this was no ordinary pig, but a monstrous flesh-construct with long front legs, short back legs and ill-fitting skin.

It got the jump on Fox, knocking him unconscious and t’were it not for the timely intervention of Loony this may have been the end for him (again). Despite Tang’s best efforts, he too was rendered incapacitated by the beast and it ignored the target of Girth who had fled up a tree to gore Sergei to death – thus failing the mission for the team. Eventually the creature was defeated by Girth and the party limped off to a farmhouse to recover after looting Sergei’s body of the deeds to the land and examining the creature which appeared to be a horrific fusion of human and pig remains by someone with little to no understanding of anatomy but a good standing in necromantic circles.

The party then (after stealing a painting from the farmhouse) limped to the Abbey in the village at the bottom of the manor house. Here they found Sister Crysta, a powerful Paladin who offered them refuge and explained the situation of the house and the horrific experiments of its previous owner. She also mentioned that a group of ashen ones had retreated to the catacombs below the Abbey.

The group decided to head down and while Crysta removed the unnatural fog from the crypts they dispatched a group of undead who had awoken and retrieved the glowing Ashen Eyes – one of which Fox transplanted into himself. He received for this a vision of a multi-tiered manor complex with a tower on top and also gained the ability to see in the dark and enhanced auditory senses.

Following this, the team took the traveller caravan back to Kasdall Hold.



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