Session XI – Midnightmare


Edinburgh team. The Team this time was Girth (Archie), Gygax (Rae), Tang (Steve) and Fox (Lucy)

The session began during a performance at the traveller’s camp just outside town. Tang Kard was introduced – an ex-gladiator fighting for money in the ring – and so was Silver Fox – who was attempting to hit on a dragonborn mercenary in the Tavern. The group sort of coalesced at the campsite and Gygax accidentally murdered an old lady with his hammer of pestilence and then stole her jangly stick. While this was going on, the Traveller’s Jester was playing to a large excitable crowd that had gathered.

The dead lady’s body was stretchered away but the team lost track of it and instead found a different group of people moving a stretcher with a strange burned hand sticking out of it. A short fight revealed these individuals to be Ashen ones – strange humanoids made from ash – and upon their deaths they left a glowing red heart which was quickly pocketed by our enterprising heroes.

The party then decided to take a quest from the board – they chose to meet with Richard, the ex-servant of Ser Terrence Boors – now styling himself Ser Richard at a campsite south of the portal they closed before.

On the way they found a campsite with semi-skeletal catmen cooking a half elf. They fought and killed them – reverting them to their previous humanoid form – but were too late to safe the half-elf who quickly cooked. In his pockets they found a letter from one “Uncle Vivikoff” to his nephew “Sergei” telling him of ruin that had come to their family and that he had left his estate to him. This was accompanied by a ruby-encrusted brooch that Girth quickly pocketed.

The party finally found Richard and had a nice drink with him to pass some time. Emboldened by alcohol, they decided to press on to the portal. Along the way they found another forest spirit and Fox donned its cloak and held its lantern. After hearing voices and whispers from the garb, Fox began to change, his muscle fibres becoming like willow branches and growing twigs until he became an arboreal man.

However, once they reached the portal, it turned midnight and the wrekced remains ripped open an interdimensional tear, showing a great and terrifying eye. This creature struck with appendages of pure chaos and killed Silver Fox, ripping his still beating heart from his body. Gygax, Girth and Tang retrieved his body and made a hasty retreat.

In a fit of sudden inspiration, Tang placed the glowing heart within Fox’s chest and it grew into place, reviving the fallen treeman and the party, at least no longer missing a companion, returned home.



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