Session IX – The White King’s Realm


Edinburgh team. This week’s party: “Rage” (Andrea), Girth (Archie), Gygax (Rae), Terry the Terrible Tiefling (Zach) and Radical Larry (Joe).

The group took out a job for Ser Terrence Boors, adventurer. He had discovered a portal-like structure in the Farthenwood (deep within the forest of the nibblehoots) and wished for like minded individuals to join him in exploring what lay within.

Navigating their way back to the Farthenwood was no challenge for these hardy adventurers and they soon found themselves within its bounds. They were watched by a plethora of nibblehoots and found another forest spirit, complete with robes and leaves. This creature dropped its lantern and dispersed as they got closer. The lantern was quickly acquired by Gygax.

A noise came from a nearby clearing in the forest – shouts of drunken laughter and revelry – and the party cautiously investigated. Here they found Ser Terrence, his friend and investor Lord Piercy and his manservant, a downtrodden man known as Richard. With their natural charm – and with Larry at their head – the team quickly ingratiated themselves into their company and gained access to the large amount of wine Terrence had brought with him. Terrence drunkenly explained that they could not get into the portal due to a cadre of forest elves who stated their sworn duty, passed down by generations, was to prevent anyone entering it.

If those elves had done their homework and been able to break the fourth wall they would have known that protecting something is the best way to draw D&D adventurers to it and the team quickly approached them, charming their leader and causing two to fall asleep and fall to their deaths. One sole elf survived uncharmed and stared and gestured in disbelief as the party walked straight past him with his captain and entered the portal.

Beyond the portal lay one of the Somnosian Realms – the dreamlands, a landscape of swirling colours remeniscent of a watercolour – and immediately ahead of them they saw a large castle with the banner of a ruler long since forgotten by the real world. A quick magic detection test showed this place was entirely magical in origin. Approaching the great doors they were beckoned to enter by a creepy manservant who introduced them to the White King, an elf who eminated magical power and invited them to dinner, providing rooms containing baths and food for them while they waited for his presence.

Girth, who was getting restless, rounded everyone up and set out to explore the castle. On the second floor in the master bedroom they found a hideous old woman whose hair had a voracious appetite. They fought briefly until Rage set her hair on fire and slammed the door. After a brief period of horrific noise, there was silence and upon opening the door the fire was out and the creature had suffocated. They took her magic mirror and bolted leaving Terrence and the Elf captain to their fates at the hands of the White King.

Upon arriving at the other side of the portal, the team decided to stop the White King from coming after them it needed to be destroyed and so the two trees projecting the doorway were burned.

The sole remaining elf looked on in bemusement. Richard was given the deeds and stock from Terrence’s company. Two weeks later two bodies were found on the outskirts of the forest – hideously maimed from thousands of tiny bites…



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