Session VIII – Cloudy with a Chance of Wompires


Ayr team. The party this session was: Ko Jai-Fei (Steve Pope), Bonesaw (Eoin) and Salazar Ashbringer (Jack).

Following a less than successful previous session, Ko, Bonesaw and Salazar decided today was time for a less taxing adventure. They would go into the valley and find this “archaeologist” who needed some armed guards to protect him as he unearthed treasures. Following doing this job, they would rob him and leave him with just his pants, taking all the loot for themselves.

But the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley and the team quickly became lost, eventually coming across the strawberry patch. Recalling something they had been told by Jarvik at the pub, they chose not to enter the patch but go around it, where they found ancient dwarven ruins.

Exploration of these was fruitless at first, and the party were separated a few times. Eventually they got the automated systems of the ruins working, revealing it to be a “weather station” – a magical enigma engine that could produce a change in weather within a three mile radius.

Their actions, however, did not only wake the station, but also a lesser Wompire called Alessandro Roystov, who had been slumbering there for the past two thousand or so years. He attacked the party, and although they defeated numerous wombats he threw at them, they could not defeat him. He remained toying with them until they could take no more damage and absconded, damaging the facility to reseal him.

They continued on their epic quest, eventually reaching the ruins. Salazar, climbing the mighty bismuth steps, nearly fell to his death but somehow they made it to the top of the floating platforms and into the caves. There they found the corpse of the Archaeologist and, without anything else to do they raided some of the tomb within the caves and returned home a little richer.



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