Session X – The Wrath of Roathus


Edinburgh team. Cast this week: Bremen (Kate), Biblical Barry (Steve), Gygax (Rae), Girth (Archie) and Rage (Andrea).

Rumours abounded throughout the town that to the south in the fens was an island. It was said that a minor noble – some aristocrat from the village to the north – had had his ruby ring stolen and had tracked its thief to this place. There was sure to be a great reward.

So of course our intrepid adventurers decided “what the heck” and went on their way to find it. The fens are a dangerous and notoriously difficult to navigate place however and the party soon found themselves lost in the marsh. Suddenly, from the ground grew roots, entwining together, caked with mud and foliage. They grasped the skull of a giant goat from the marsh and placed it atop themselves to become a humanoid figure.

This creature professed it was a servant of Roathus and blamed the party for the destruction of the Godstone. It attacked and was disappointingly quickly dispatched by the heavy arsenal of the “heroes”.

The team finally found their way to Hextia’s hut and after some bargaining she showed them the way to get to the island. The only rowboat on the lake was found within a village on its outskirts…

The party arrived there at sundown to find the village deserted with houses locked and barred. From a nearby window came a shout from a villager who quickly motioned them into his house. The village, he explained, had been under siege from a posse of ghost riders wreathed in green flame. The party, drunk on their luck so far, decided to just fight the creature and its lackeys and despite the villager’s protestations just left the house until the monster arrived.

Another disappointingly short battle later, the riders were destroyed utterly and scattered to the four winds. The villagers happily, safe at last, agreed that the team could take the rowboat to the island – dubbed the Isle of Wights by the locals.

Once across the oarsman gave the team a time limit to return to the boat otherwise he would leave without them. The island was a bad place, he said, and he was loathe to stay long. The team soon found out just how right he was.

Exploring the foggy, barren wasteland they found a kirkyard, complete with ghouls playing some bone drums. The party, feeling the ghouls really weren’t a problem and were just enjoying themselves, just left them to it and had a look around. They found the corpse of an elf woman – similar to the description of the thief in the graveyard and Gygax used the mirror found in the Wight King’s castle to speak to her ghost. She revealed that she was set upon by a clan of Wompires – the Allegrettos – as she found the ring in a mauseleum.

The party entered the mauseleum and grabbed the ring but came across some of the younger members of the Clan who set upon them. A daring chase ensued and somehow despite the incredible power of these monsters the adventurers escaped to the boat, pushing out onto the lake and leaving the Wompires behind…

Or at least that’s how it seemed…

But who was the noble who had offered the reward for the ring? What did his village in the North have to do with any of this? Many questions were left unanswered, but perhaps future expeditions may find the answers…



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