Kasdall Hold


Kasdall Hold is the primary quest hub for the West Marches. It was rebuilt recently following its destruction by a clan of bandits from the plains and since then it has become a haven for adventurers wishing to strike out into the wilds to earn their fortunes. These adventurers have, in turn, invested their money into the settlement, growing it from a village into a small town of around a thousand people. Player characters have access to a number of specialised buildings and organisations within the town and with money they earn travelling they can upgrade these. Currently within the town there is:


Jarvik’s Tavern – Run by Jarvik the barkeep, his daughter Samring and wife Tasha.  Regulars Gerry, a possibly demented dwarf. Lodging can be acquired here and it is the primary source for quests and rumours. It has a large map of the region around the town burned into one wall.

The Shrine of Heroes – A shrine honouring the adventurers of Kasdall Hold. It has statues atop it – in particular Girth Greatcraic, who funded it, and Spoonly Dimfinkle who bought a statue for it to fulfill his narcissism. Players can level up to its level (2) by paying 50gp.

vaultThe Vault – A communal fund that any adventurers can add money towards. Money can be drawn out of it by anyone (usually to level up new characters). The Vault’s capacity is 2500gp and 10 items – Currently contains 350gp, 1 refined geodite and 8 unrefined geodite.

smithySmithy – Rusil runs a smithy just off the town square. He has the ability to craft simple weapons and armour as well as ammunition and shields. He currently can work in Iron and is able to use refined Geodite to give forged weapons an enchantment slot. He is also able to refine Geodite.

8047f0869f4b3bd09a81d0faa149a25fEnchanter – Tym the enchanter can enchant weaponry made with a refined geodite core or focus. Each enchantment costs 50gp and can either add a small bonus to damage, a bonus to hit against a certain type of enemy or adding another type of damage (burning, freezing or radiant) to a weapon. She cannot currently enchant armour.

apothApothecary – Darude, an elf and big LARRY! fan can sell you basic potions and poisons from his apothecary store including – Potions of Healing(50gp), Potions of Climbing(10gp), Truth serum and Assassins blood poisons (see DMG)- as well as common herbs.

Greatcraic Brewery – Buxom and Girth Greatcraic own the local brewery, set up recently. It contains “brews”, one of which can be taken by the party per session. Finding new herbs and plants may allow for new brews to be produced.

The PantheonNear the town centre, on Dumpy Knoll stands a large structure dedicated to some of the diverse cast of Gods worshipped by PCs. There are currently three shrines: one to Talos, one to Morrigan and one to Raluf.

Gygax Observatory Gygax the druid has been building an observatory so that he can better study the heavens. The large telescope can be used to view one of 12 constellations in the night sky. By aligning the telescope to the constellation that corresponds with their class; a member of any class can study/meditate under their sign, and receive a temporary (till the end of the session) bonus depending on their class.



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