The Cast of the West Marches


Active Characters:

Aife – (Level 2 Human Paladin): An acolyte of the great goddess Morrigan, Aife has devoted her life to the protection, vengeance and sufferage of all women. (Played by Lucy, Edinburgh Team)

Baccarat – (Level 2 Elf Rogue): Baccarat is a gender-neutral jester from the kingdom of Descartesia. Exiled from their homeland for some dubious business (possibly related to their knowledge of the abyssal language), they nonetheless maintain a (quite frankly sickeningly) cheerful approach to life and act as a scout for TripAdvisor® in the West Marches. Currently in Borovia. (Played by Thom in Curse of Strahd one offs)

Bonesaw – (Lvl 3 Human Barbarian): Formerly a mercenary of some renown for the Band of the Bone. Cursed by a dark sorcerer to wear death’s visage indefinitely. Fighting for the truth, justice and dogs. (Played by Eoin, Ayr team)

Bremen – (Lvl 2 Dwarven Tempest Cleric):  Devotee of Talos, God of Storms. Has already managed to anger the powerful fey God Roathus (with help from Girth Greatcraic) by destroying his Godstone. Maker of miracles – once made a strawberry bush grow into a great tree. (Played by Kate, Edinburgh Team)

Eliza Doolittle – (Lvl 2 Gnomish Wizard): Eliza grew up alone on the streets of Bastionberg. Exceptionally weak of body she relied on her superior intelligence to survive. After learning the ways of magic from a rogue wizard she set out from the streets determine to use her new abilities to carve out a better life for herself. (Played by Patrick, Edinburgh Team)

Girth Greatcraic – (Lvl 3 Halfling Rogue): Girth was once part of a reputable and successful family owned brewing business in nearby Bastionberg duchy. After this was destroyed at the hands of a business cartel controlled by devotees of Roathus, Girth and his mother were forced to relocate to Kasdall Hold where they seek fortune and revenge… (Played by Archie, Edinburgh Team)

Gygax – (Lvl 2 Silver Dragonborn Druid): Gygax loves space. He feels the ecosystem of anywhere he is and is able to communicate with it and his longstanding dream is to go to the moon and other celestial bodies in order to communicate with the essence of these planets and moons too. He built the observatory that stands on the hill in Kasdall Hold. (Played by Rae, Edinburgh Team)

Lament of the Waning Moon (“Loony”) – (Level 2 Gnomish Druid): Loony is a hermit in training – he is currently not aged enough to be a fully fledged reclusive old man. A traditional woodsman in that he’ll taste literally anything he finds. (Played by Sam, Edinburgh Team)

Radical Larry – (Lvl 2 Gnomish Bard):  Everyone loves Radical Larry, but no one as much as himself. Has delusions of grandeur that he is the world’s greatest bard and is egged on in this by his companions often. Often found playing at Jarvik’s tavern making 1 gold piece and handing out badly drawn headshots to his adoring cult of fans. (Played by Joe, Edinburgh Team)

“Rage” – (Lvl 2 Red-gold Dragonborn Barbarian): A former slave who no-one really knows the name of. After his harsh treatment at the hands of his tiefling masters he escaped and looks to wreak bloody vengeance on them. When confronted with danger goes into a berserk fury and probably has the highest damage dealt from any of the Edinburgh crew. (Played by Andrea, Edinburgh team)

Salazar Ashbringer – (Lvl 2 Human Fighter): Had his childhood destroyed when his parents were killed. He was subsequently kidnapped, raised and trained to be a demon hunter by a wizard who rescued him. The man who killed his parents returned and killed Salazar’s mentor. Salazar now hunts this villain. (Played by Jack, Ayr team)

Silver Fox – (Lvl 2 Human Ranger): Raised in a commune by a bunch of hippies, Fox has a dislike of hive minds and hippies. Not just a ladies man He has become basically a tree due to wearing accursed garb left by a forest sprite but is enjoying his new arborial status. Was ressurected after his first death using the Heart of Ashes. Also has one of the eyes of ashes. (Played by Lucy, Edinburgh team)

Spoonly Dimfinkle, 4th Heir to the Barony of Little Myhump (Lvl 2 Gnomish Rogue): The fourth son of Baron Forkworth VIII of Little Myhump, Spoonly enjoyed a carefree upbringing as a result of his noble birth. Due to his low standing in the succession Spoonly decided to pursue a life as an adventurer extraordinaire and hero to the common folk of this world. Fiercely proud of his heritage, Spoonly will hear nothing against himself or his family. This, combined with his short temper and vengeful attitude has hampered his quest and meant he’s had to venture further afield to try to find somewhere with people who will ignore his flaws and revere him as the hero he undoubtedly is. Believes he has been chosen and blessed by Raluf, The Happy Cloud, God of Love (Played by Steve, Ayr team)

Tang Kard – (Lvl 2 Human Fighter): Ex gladiator – was introduced to the West Marches beating up fist fighters in a ring for money – and complete tank. Acts without thinking too much and so is good at driving otherwise over-preparing teams into action. Previously worked for “Krieger’s Circus Curio” as “The Unbreakable Man” but left due to a certain bard known as Grimmick who is determined to detail his exploits and won’t take no as an answer. (Played by Steve, Edinburgh team)

Terry “The Terrible Tiefling” – (Lvl 2 Tiefling Sorceror): Terry was born with powers that terrify him. Not only that but his time in the West Marches has told him everything else is also terrifying. Meant to be good at absconding from combat but in practise he often lets his conscience and duty of care towards his comrades get in the way of his safety and peace of mind. (Played by Zach, Edinburgh team)

Inactive Characters:

Biblical Barry – (Lvl 2 Forest Gnome Druid): A disheveled desert mystic who lived among and became a shaman to the perceived violent dune dancers, is a bit…off. Accustomed to the orderly life of a tribesman, he has little to do with nicities and manners of ‘civilized folk’. Sent by the Spirit-Beyond-Spirits to civilization, Biblical Barry has no idea why for the second time in his life he has been exiled. Perhaps the answer to the present may be found in the past…his family, if any yet live… ( Played by Steve Chaffee, Edinburgh team)

Biff Spearmint – (Lvl 1 Human Fighter): Wompire Hunter Extraordinaire. Chosen by the divines for greater destiny. Biff Spearmint, greater destiny man, Biff Spearmint, statistically better than everyone. Tagged along with the party for a session. Still around somewhere. Probably hunting wompires. (Played by Eoin, Ayr team)

Kakkruth (Kakkruthette) “Go North” Ironside – (Lvl 2 Dwarf Ranger): A dwarven folk hero and fighter of tyrants. Seizer of the means of production. Nemesis of the Earl Gudaga and opponent of all those wielding power to oppress the masses. Following drinking a potion he was turned into a woman and left the party to give him time to get used to the change. (Played by James, Ayr team)

Ko Jai-Fei – (Lvl 2 Human Monk): Street urchin turned monk. Sent west to find a magic artifact to stop all the bickering in the eastern kindgom of Jiangmen. A fan of mice, small spaces, daeing backflips and kung-fu movies. (Played by Steve Pope, Ayr team)



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