Session VI – Of Bandits and Nibblehoots


Edinburgh team. Players Involved: Radical Larry (Joe), Terry the Terrible Tiefling (Zach), Girth Greatcraic (Archie) and Rage (Andrea)

Four adventurers, Radical Larry (a gnomish bard of some repute with an ego to match), Terry the Terrible Tiefling (A wild magic sorcerer with no self belief but some skill), Girth Greatcraic (Halfling rogue and master brewer) and a red and gold dragonborn barbarian and ex-slave known to the group as “Rage”, met up in Jarvik’s Tavern in Kastall Hold. They were told that there was a reward for finding and killing the bandits that had ransacked the town some six weeks past.

Despite a general lack of knowledge of navigation, Rage managed to lead the group to the bandits’ old campsite, where they picked up a trail towards their base of operations. During their travels across the North Mercer Plains, Larry saw a figure on a nearby hill. This figure turned out to be a fat pony, which rammed him, immediately knocking him unconscious. The beast reared up, showing it was an abomination of nature with a large eye in the middle of a toothed maw in its belly. Girth acted quickly, however, and between him and Terry they killed the beast and watched as its flesh melted, leaving just bones and a one eyed worm, which they dispatched.

Larry recovered and the party moved on, reaching the edge of a giant forest. The forest felt deeply unsettling although none of the group could put their finger on why. Larry saw an owl, but didn’t notice anything odd about it.

Moving further into the woods, the team came across a path which crossed the river via a shaky-looking bridge. The party quickly crossed and continued on. On the path they found a forest spirit, made of leaves, wearing a cloak and carrying a lantern. As they tried to approach it, the leaves dispersed and the lantern and cloak fell to the floor. At this point, Larry noticed that the owl was back, and it had brought friends. He finally realised what was so wrong about it – it had no beak, but instead had a large toothy grin. He acted quickly, playing a lullaby that sent them all to sleep… and plummeting out of the trees to their deaths. The owls were subsequently named “Nibblehoots”. They harvested some feathers and moved on.

Finally they found the entrance to the bandits lair, a cave with stone pillars on either side and a large arch. They persuaded the guards – by donning illusions of the tattoos they had on their foreheads – that they were here to relieve them and successfully infiltrated the camp. Within they tricked six of the bandits into fighting and killing each other, or otherwise dying, and rescued four prisoners – a black Dragonborn, captain of the watch in Kasdall Hold, The daughter of the inkeeper, and an elderly elf couple. The team confronted the bandits’ leader, the Seeress Theresa. Despite her strength and her incapacitation of Girth, the team defeated her. Her flesh sloughed off and dissolved, revealing her skeleton and another worm, like the one inside the pony. Larry picked it up to bottle it and was bitten by it – the wound was deemed to be very strange and a little worrying.

The team returned to town heroes, and were rewarded with 20gp a head and unlocking the ability to upgrade the town’s facilities. Larry got a spot playing music at the pub and Girth gained access to brewing equipment and the basement of the tavern.

-Gains: 195exp, 20gp per character. 2 cool swords, a one eyed worm in a jar and some toothed owl feathers.



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