Session V – Much Ado about Nothing


Ayr team. Our cast this week was: Ko (Steve Pope), Salazar Ashbringer (Jack), Aelendril Ilira Tavar Eithron (James), Biff Spearmint Wompire Hunter (Eoin).

Left alone, Ko immediately went out searching for a new party. The enigmatic Wompire Hunter Biff Spearmint had just arrived in town and at the mention of adventure (possibly involving destruction of Wompires) he agreed to join. Salazar Ashbringer, veteran adventurer and spellsword, also joined as did an Elven Paladin, Aelendril.

Spurred on by Jarvik, the Landlord of the best tavern in all of Kasdall Hold (okay, it had three walls and no roof at this point, but was still the only and therefore best tavern in the town), the players set out to find the bandits who had destroyed the town.

Following their tracks they found an abandoned campsite, the embers still fairly fresh from the campfire. Emboldened by their luck, the team rushed on North towards the Farthingwold, on the edge of which they made camp. During Biff’s watch, he viewed one of the forest’s toothed owls, but decided that it was better left alone. The owl grinned.

The next day they entered the forest, only to be accosted by a headless horsewoman – a Dullahan. Through frantic attempts to communicate they finally placated her and realised she was searching for her missing head. They agreed to try to find it for her.

Following this they continued tracking the bandits, splitting up for a bit. Salazar and Aelendril were accosted by a Drow scout, who they fought with and eventually dispatched, but not without taking damage. The party then moved on north and found a passage to an underground area dubbed “the underdark”. Sadly they then had to return to town as they had lost the tracks leading to the bandits and we had run out of time.



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