Session IV – Temmie’s Moving Castle


Ayr team.The party this week was: Ko Jai-Fei (Steve Pope), Bonesaw (Eoin), Kakkruth (James) and Canagan (Jack).

This was a wierd one. It began with the introduction of Ko Jai-Fei, riding into town from far to the east on a donkey, which promptly collapsed and died. She joined the party soon after, realising she had a need for income. The party began travelling South from the Baron’s castle but quickly stopped, encountering a rock elemental with a taste for blood. They sent it limping away surprisingly quickly and continued their journey.

Then they found the Grey Chimney – a massive stone tube leading downwards into a tomb complex. Stepping carefully on the massive yet fragile slabs acting as steps, the team wandered downwards. There they found three different directions they could take. They picked the east wing.

Within the east wing corridor were many dead bodies, all lying in alcoves by the side. All was well until someone misstepped and woke the dead. The fierce battle was complicated by Canagan attempting to fire a fireball in an enclosed space. Matter were made even worse when Ko tried to get past the corridor and woke up the ancient Wight Lady Grey. Despite all of this, the party somehow survived and defeated their enemies, claiming Lady Grey’s third amulet.

After this, the party got out of there as quick as they could and continued on their journey.

It was now they found the Tem house, a large walking mechanical monstrosity. The party members drank a number of potions that didn’t belong to them, with varied effects – Canagan and Ko turning into strange creatures with huge ears and Kakkruth and Bonesaw becoming female. After much working with the strange denizens of the house, known as Tems, the two who were turned into creatures returned to their normal forms. The others however did not find a reversal potion.

The group finished in the town of Kasdall Hold, which had recently been destroyed by bandits, where they decided to settle and use as a base of future operations. Kakkruthette (formerly Kakkruth) decided to leave the party and go solo to adjust to their new identity. Canagan and Bonesaw decided, at least for a while to stay and help the villagers rebuild. Ko, however, was far from done with adventuring…



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