Session III – The Ascendent Raven


Ayr team. The group this session was: Canagan Wolfrage (Jack), Rickass T’Ley (Steve Pope), Bonesaw (Eoin) and Kakkruth (James).

The group started the session saying goodbye to their friend Captain Weeb, after his heroic sacrifice the previous week fighting the beast. During the funeral, the oblivious Canagan Wolfrage, Academic and Druid, appeared. He quickly joined the party and the team headed off once more, this time to investigate a valley to the North-east. The valley had a strange gateway, halfway up one of the mountainsides.

Entering the gateway transported the group to a dark land filled with black rivers of oil and blue glowing flora (mushrooms and trees). The team quickly realised the mushrooms weren’t for eating. Some further exploration revealed a population of crystalline salamanders who decided that they should bring the outsiders to their leader, a great golden dragon.

On the way, the team found a large pillar with the Ascendant Raven, Krom, on top of it. This ancient creature is the follower of a Goddess known to the Bonesaw. After bargaining with the ascendant, the team received some boons and then went on to meet the dragon.

The meeting with the dragon was not successful, with the party managing to thoroughly insult it. Despite warnings, Rickass decided he was going to take some of its treasure and was swallowed whole as retribution. Perhaps he still survives, who knows. The rest of the party fled and returned to the Baron’s castle village, which was the nearest settlement…



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