Session II – The Ballad of Captain Weeb


Ayr Team. The Party this week was: Rickass T’Ley (Steve Pope), Bonesaw (Eoin), Kanetsugu Hattori (Jack) and Kakkruth (James).

Back in Waywick, the trio of Rickass, Bonesaw and Hattori (lovingly dubbed Captain Weeb by his teammates) met a dwarf who enjoyed adding coal to his beer named Kakkruth. He agreed to join the rest of the team on their adventures and they once again journeyed on. Worried that something might have happened in the ruined city, the team went towards it only to find an old man collecting sticks who told them his child was being held captive by a beast in the forest.

The party journeyed northwards and found themselves lost in the forbidden woods. The paths and trees seemed to shift around, turning the forest into a maze. The team were accosted by a Robin Hood like character but easily dispatched him and his goons.

Realising that they weren’t making much progress, the team split up and looked for clues. Kakkruth found, after much trying, that taking the north path indefinitely wasn’t an option as it ran him in a loop between two areas of the forest. The others had better luck, finding some monks carrying the remains of their saint around the forest. The monks shared their tea and were generally very nice. Bonesaw found a sword in a tree stump that injured whoever wielded it.

Eventually the beast at the centre of the forest was found. During a gruelling fight, Hattori was slain brutally but the beast was eventually defeated. The old man from before turned up again and taking him for an agent of the beast that had lured them there, the team killed him and burned him and the forest to the ground…



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