Session I – Vive La Revolution!


Ayr team. The Original West Marches Team was: Rickass T’Ley (Steve Pope), Bonesaw (Eoin) and Kanetsugu Hattori (Jack).

In the first session, the team began in the town of Waywick (they have now relocated to Kasdall Hold along with all other adventurers). Here they met up, Rickass (an Orcish bard, known as Ass to his friends) was working the bar and it was here he met the mysterious human foreigner Kanetsugu Hattori, and the one and only Bonesaw (A part skeletal, part muscle) barbarian.

The team learned that the wife of the Butcher, a lady known as Phyllis, had been kidnapped and was being held to ransom in the ruined city to the north. They went north in the hope of finding the city, but ended up in the lands of a corrupt Baron. Spurred on by a friendly peasant dwarf named Graeme and Bonesaw’s love of dogs they tricked the guards of the Baron’s keep into leaving their posts and then murdered them with fire.

This allowed the team to get into the tower and defeat the Baron, allowing Graeme to lead the Village into a brighter, republican era. The villagers still tell tales of them. The party never did save the Butcher’s wife – perhaps she is still there or perhaps the kidnappers have dispatched her when they realised the ransom was never going to come…



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