The Cast of the West Marches

Some character bios for the player characters of the West Marches.


Session VII – Strawberries and Dragons

Two new characters – Biblical Barry and Bremen – join some returning cast members to search for missing children (and strawberries).

Session VI – Of Bandits and Nibblehoots

Radical Larry, Terry the Terrible Tiefling, Girth Greatcraic and Rage make a fantastic Marches debut in the most successful bandit hunt ever. Nibblehoots are everywhere.

Session V – Much Ado about Nothing

Spurred on by Jarvik, Ko gathers as new team and they go bandit hunting with not exactly stellar results. Drow scouts are surprisingly hardy.

Session III – The Ascendent Raven

Rickass, Bonesaw and Kakkruth bid farewell to their fallen comrade and explore a Somnosian Realm. Another death occurs – this time Dragon related.