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Session XVI – Zombicide

Spoonly Dimfinkle makes a big mistake, then the Ayr team find that zombies are actually tougher than shambling corpses have any right to be.

Session XV – Unbearable Horrors

Tang, Girth, Eliza and Larry try to break the curse on Darqvist. It could have gone better. No Geoffs died in the making of this session.

Quest Board

Home Within Jarvik’s Tavern there is a wall upon which are pinned notices directing adventurers to contracts. In addition to this, there are quests set by the town council with the aim of improving the settlement and increasing its size, wealth and prestige. A third source for quests is the Black Market, which (when they…

The Boneyard

The Kasdall Hold Graveyard – where the names and deeds of the dead rest. But not necessarily their bodies…